Lately people have been posting pictures of som crazy sunsets. Wild burning red skies like I´ve never seen them before. So I think it´s  about time to rest those sunburnt eyes on som black and white.



What can be more ephemeral than water!? It´s the only substance on the planet that appears in all three faces, liguid, vapor and solid. One minute so hard it can crush rock, but if you pick it up it trickles through your fingers just to vanish into thin air the next.

This picture was taken on my last stay in New Zealand in Milford sounds.



Fresh can be so many things. Right now my sister, Ingvild Authen, and her partner, Remy Bugge, at Bugge & Authen Juveléverksted are working their asses off to get a fresh start in a new great retail space. They are really starting to make a name for them self here in Norway, and have made jeweles for her Majesty the Queen Sonja of Norway to mention one. Check them out on Facebook, #buggeauthen on Instagram or their website It´s well worth a peak.

I was fortunate enough to be there to help with painting and sneak in some time behind the lens to document the renovating prosess.

Thanks for watching